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With black mat

With white mat


Pencil sketch by my buddy and all round artist extraordinaire Wang Fei. This was a quick sketch he did based on a Paul Booth tattoo. It was done on cheap and flimsy jotter book paper, and it’s not even signed as this was probably a doodle for him. I’m glad I got it safely framed up. Not only can I stop worrying about tearing the sketch accidentally, the framing really makes the art piece shine.

Most of Paul Booth’s work is ink on skin or oil/acrylic paintings, so it’s refreshing to have an iconic image rendered in a different medium. I’ve since convinced Wang Fei to paint another Leaf man in oils, hopefully in a larger size, so watch out for that.

If you pause and think, this is interesting from a printing perspective. You’re looking at a predominantly black-based print, but instead of being printed on black paper, it’s printed on white paper with the black ink layed on all the way to the trim lines. I’m guessing this is the only way you can get fluorescent yellow and black side by side on a silkscreen print.

As usual, I framed this with a double mat, but you’ll find that this creates quite a busy border area as the print already has a keyline in fluorescent yellow.

Enough of the nerd-speak, this is by Enginehouse13 aka Mike Martin. Love the colours, the fact that it has monsters, and the retro calculator font.

Two gorgeous offset prints from the very talented Japanese artist Rockin’ Jelly Bean (RJB). These were bought in Tokyo by Uncle Bill and lovingly hand-carried back to Singapore.

Picture intrepid tech journalist Billy Teo stalking the narrow steets of Harajuku in his trademark light blue shirt and chinos, descending into the Austin Powers psychedelia that is Erostika, RJB’s hard-to-locate basement store. What a sight… Uncle Bill, thanks again! I bet you enjoyed the experience though…

The prints are on pale yellow paper, so I went with black matting. They turned out great, and I couldn’t have been happier. These rank up there among my favourites, I only wish RJB had signed them.

Click here to read an interview with RJB, or here to visit his official site.